Hair Care
All the essentials you need to level up your haircare routine. From serums to taming frizz, your hair deserves the same attention and special treatment as your beauty and skincare. After all, great hair is the perfect accessory in itself.
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  1. Nyla Rose
    Twisted Rainbow Brush
    Regular Price AU $6.99 Now Only AU $2.99 57% OFF
  2. Mermade Hair
    Mermade Mist
    Regular Price AU $19.00 Now Only AU $13.30 30% OFF
  3. Mermade Hair
    Mermade Pro Waver 32mm
    Regular Price AU $89.99 Now Only AU $62.99 30% OFF
  4. Tsok & Co
    Tsok and Co Peppermint Shampoo 250ml
    Regular Price AU $22.00 Now Only AU $15.40 30% OFF
  5. Tsok & Co
    Tsok and Co Peppermint Conditioner 250ml
    Regular Price AU $22.00 Now Only AU $15.40 30% OFF
  6. Slickhair Company
    Slick Stick
    Regular Price AU $24.99 Now Only AU $17.49 30% OFF
  7. Nyla Rose
    Jade Quartz Comb
    Regular Price AU $9.99 Now Only AU $6.99 30% OFF
  8. Nyla Rose
    Multi Use 2 In 1 Folding Comb
    Regular Price AU $4.99 Now Only AU $3.49 30% OFF
  9. Nyla Rose
    Detangling Tamer Hair Brush
    Regular Price AU $7.99 Now Only AU $5.59 30% OFF
  10. Salt By Hendrix
    Salt by Hendrix Flowers In Your Hair Trio
    Regular Price AU $24.95 Now Only AU $17.47 30% OFF
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10 Items

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Everything's better when your hair's on point. Nothing feels as great as healthy and glowing hair; it's an accessory in itself! Get ready to have your hair on point 24/7 with our exclusive range of hair care here at Ally Fashion.

From hair oils to shampoo and conditioner, your hair products are so important in keeping your hair looking as fresh and healthy as ever! Nourish your hair with our strengthening shampoos, hydrating conditioners, hair masks and even bristle friendly hair brushes.

Do Detangling Brushes Really Work?

Detangling brushes do indeed work! There’s nothing worse than tugging and fighting the knots out of your own hair. It can cause great damage and we really don’t need any of that! It doesn’t have to be this way with a good detangling brush.

Specifically designed to get knots out of your hair easier, they’re perfect for long or very thick hair that’s prone to get all tangled up. They’re pain free, quick and easy, customised and so gentle on the hair. This means less damage, hair loss and split ends!

What Is The Best Hair Waver?

Look no further than Mermade Hair Pro Waver to get all your lush wavy needs! Here’s why we’re totally loving this product alongside thousands of others!

  • Super easy to use– simply clamp down and release
  • Advanced ceramic barrels – high-grade ionic ceramic barrels to protect your hair from unnecessary damage
  • The waver will seal cuticles, infuse moisture, eliminate frizz and create shine
  • Advanced heat technology – within 60 seconds the hair waver will be ready for glam
  • Multiple heat settings – to suit all hair types and looks
  • Do Gel Hair Wands Really Work?

    They sure do, and they’re a must have in our handbag wherever we go! The Slick Stick Hair Wand is the perfect product to smooth away any flyaways or baby hairs. Shapes like a mascara, glide it in your hair with easy and slick down whatever you desire!

    Is Heat Protectant Important?

    There’s nothing more important than using hair products that will protect your hair from heat damage whether you’re straightening, curling or doing anything else! There are plenty of products on the market that will help you keep your hair strong.

    Heat protectant is vital when it comes to combating the breakage, dullness, dryness and brittleness in your hair. Constant heat will slowly wear away at the strength of your hair, so make sure you always spray on product before you style your hair!

    What Is The Best Hair Care Routine?

  • Cleanse - give your hair a good wash to make sure your hair isn’t too oily
  • Condition - moisturisation is key! Conditioning also helps with smoothing and detangling
  • Seal Moisture - to do this, grab a hair oil and run it through your damp hair
  • Detangle - grab your detangling brush to do this
  • Style - if you like curling or straightening your hair, don’t forget heat protection!
  • Shop Women’s Hair Care Online

    For all your hair care needs, look no further than our exclusive edit of hair care products we love here at Ally Fashion.

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