Puffer Jackets: Everything You Need To Know

The weather is cooling down but this season’s trends are heating up! Our favourite? The puffer jacket, of course.

This 90s-inspired trend has made a comeback among street style. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or shopping in the city, its iconic oversized shape and padded sleeves are sure to make a statement this winter.

Trendy but also warm, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort to pull off this jacket. Our advice? Pair your puff pieces with sleek basics that allow its silhouette to shine - We’re talking classic denim, activewear and turtlenecks.

Are you wondering how to wear a puffer jacket or how to wash it? This helpful guide has all the tips and tricks you need!

Why Are Puffer Jackets So Popular

A puffer is the true winter wardrobe hero. Versatile, sporty and chic, coat and jacket variations have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Here’s four reasons you should invest in a down jacket:

1. Warmth: Designed with a cosy fluff filling, this jacket provides superior warmth while you tackle the wind, rain and chill!
2. Versatility: With so many colours, styles and shapes to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect puffer!
3. Universal: A down jacket is a necessity for every wardrobe, literally. From Dads to trendy teens, it’s the staple everyone can pull off.
4. Lightweight: Feeling weighed down by heavy layers? A puffer coat is your lightweight solution for winter - It'll keep you warm without the heaviness!

What Are Puffer Jackets Made Of

Down jackets are known for their quilted design with sections that are ‘puffy’ between the stitching. These sections are often filled with down insulation, like feathers or synthetic fibres. The shell of the jacket is usually crafted from synthetic materials, like polyester, which are wind and rain resistant.

How To Style A Puffer Jacket

So easy and versatile, there’s a wide range of styling options when it comes to your puffer coat. From a casual stroll to a lunch in the city, here’s a few stylish looks you can rock this winter.


Running from pilates to brunch with the girls? It’s the perfect opportunity to pop on a puffer vest. Go for a monochrome athleisure look with a beige puffer and matching set. Alternatively, make a statement with a bright coloured jacket and black leggings. Whatever your colour palette, a puffer is a good way to add a dose of sporty chic to your outfit.


Combine the two hottest trends this season, a down jacket and faux leather! We’re thinking of a faux leather puffer, faux leather pants and combat boots.

Off Duty

Style your down jacket over a hoodie with black leggings, a beanie and crisp white sneakers. This comfort meets cool combo is perfect for your casual weekends!

What To Wear With A Puffer Jacket

Like we mentioned, the puffer jacket’s dramatic shape pairs well with basics and simple silhouettes. Combine it with these staples for a range of looks!

  •  Loungewear: A puffer is truly athleisure wear at heart. So why not pair it with sneakers and a matching lounge set? We’re thinking a bright pop of colour over a grey tracksuit. Finish the outfit with fresh white sneakers and a tote bag.
  • Chunky footwear: Add to the drama with a pair of chunky boots or platform sneakers!
  • Sleek basics: From tees and turtlenecks to leggings, create a super sleek look by pairing your down jacket with slim silhouettes. This allows your chunky jacket to stand out. Elevate with accessories!
  • Jeans: From kick-flare to skinny, simple jeans are the perfect complement to chunky puffers. Add a cap or a beanie for an edgy finish!

How To Clean A Puffer Jacket

If you’ve purchased a down jacket this season, it’s likely you have it on high rotation. After a few hikes, pilate classes and casual days out, you're puff pieces are going to need a wash. Are you wondering how best to get the smell out of your garment? Wash your jacket properly with these three simple steps:

1. Pop it in the washing machine on a delicate cycle using cold water. If you prefer to hand wash, soak it in the sink for about an hour. If you prefer this method, we recommend ending on a spin cycle to remove as much moisture as possible. For extra caution it’s a good idea to use a mesh laundry bag or down-specific detergent.
2. After the cycle, remove your down jacket from the washing machine as quickly as possible. Pop it straight in the tumble dryer on a low heat and throw in a few dryer balls. If you prefer air drying, leave it on a drying rack for 24 to 48 hours, giving it the occasional fluff.
3. When the garment is almost dry, pop it in the tumble dryer on low heat. Make sure it is completely dry before you hang it away.

Washing Tips:

  • Avoid fabric softener: Stick to a down-specific detergent for the best results.
  • Stay clear of dry cleaners: The solvents they use in the dry cleaning process can damage your jacket.
  • Be gentle with your down jacket: It's best to avoid a top-loader with an agitator.
  • Don’t wring your down coat! This will cause the down to clump.
  • Throw a couple of dryer balls in the tumble dryer to help fluff the garment. Alternatively, use tennis balls for just as good results.
  • Wondering how to get makeup off your puffer jacket? Use cleansing water on a thick cotton pad and gently dab the area.

How To Repuff A Puffer Jacket

To return your down jacket back to its puffy shape, make sure you throw a few dryer balls or tennis balls inside the tumble dryer. This will agitate the jacket as it tumbles and help restore the down's fluff.

How To Repuff a Puffer Jacket Without a Tumble Dryer?

Make sure you remove the jacket from the washing machine as soon as possible. Place it on a drying rack in a dry place and give it the occasional fluff.

How To Store Puffer Jackets

  • Never stuff or compress your down jacket in a small space. This will cause the down to clump. Instead, hang in a wardrobe on a hanger.
  • Store your jacket somewhere it is able to air out and breathe.
  • Don’t store it in plastic. Instead, put it on a hanger and cover the top of the jacket with light paper to protect it from damage and dust.

Where To Buy Cheap Puffer Jackets

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