Summer is coming and you’re going to need to have all your season essentials on lock. We’re talking about your resort-style Cuban tops and breezy linen shirts. Whether you’re lying by the pool or sipping Pina Coladas at the resort bar, here’s our edit of must-have holiday pieces.

You have to start with the foundations. When packing your luggage, always keep in mind pieces you can wear day in and out to create new outfits. We’re talking about your basic tees, neutral pair of chino shorts, a button down linen shirt. You want to pack light for a holiday, and trust us when we say that less is more; it’ll make dressing an ease when you’re rushing to make happy hour

Nothing screams I'm on a holiday more than a print shirt. No, we’re not talking about those kitsch Hawaiian shirts (let’s leave those behind in the past please). Opt for palm prints and fresh colourways. You also want breezy and oversized silhouettes perfect for heatwave weather.

In terms of styling, they’re super easy. Simply pop on a pair of neutral toned chino shorts and boat shoes to complete your holiday look.

We had to include them. It’s not a summer getaway if you don’t have your linen shirts on hand. The fabric of summer, having a couple of these bad boys with you will make dressing an ease. Whether you pop on a short sleeve button down over a white tee and board shorts, or don a natural linen long-sleeve unbuttoned half way with chinos for dinner, you’;; find yourself reaching for them constantly.

The last little bits you should have on you. Don’t even think about heading out without a cap (sun safety as well!). It adds a very sporty touch to whatever look you’re going for. A white linen button up is also perfect to quickly pop over your board shorts when you’re leaving the pool or beach.

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