Break away from your bland wardrobe. Refresh your look by revisting the classic stripe! Although stripes are always on trend, we have a guide to the fresh new ways you can wear this timeless pattern.

How To Choose A Stripe Shirt

It comes down to the age old question... vertical or horizontal stripes? Vertical stripes have a lengthening effect and often a more formal look, whereas horizontal stripes can make you look fuller and offer more of a casual feel. When taking baby steps with this pattern, thin stripes in subtle colours are a safe bet.

What To Wear With A Striped Shirt

Almost anything! Stripes are super versatile and can take you from casual beach days to evening drinks. A great layering piece, wear a striped shirt over a basic tee with neutral pants. Rocking a coloured stripe? Bring this colour out with bottoms in a coordinating block colour. We recommend not wearing stripes on stripes or with another print.

Beach Stripes

Stripes can easily be adapted to the occassion. Rock a coloured linen stripe to the beach with a pair of relaxed shorts and a logo cap.

Everyday Stripes

A crisp stripe tee in black or blue can give you a preppy nautical feel. But you don't need a yacht to achieve this look! A casual striped tee is great way to introduce this pattern into your wardrobe and is a handy layering foundation. Opt for side to side stripes to help you look filled out.

Party Stripes

Here's your chance to explore something new. A party is the perfect time to try a multicoloured, thick strip or even something resembling a candy cane. 

Evening Stripes

This can be your go-to 9-to-5 wear. Vertical stripes have a lengthing effect that look smart and sophisitcated in a button-up design.

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