The beach is about more than the sand and surf, have some fun this summer with our great range of beach games!
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Serving all the summer energy you’re asking for! There’s nothing better than swimming and soaking up the warmth at the beach than to play some fun beach games with friends. We’re here to dish the best of the best, from inflatable balls to some beach cricket.

Playing games is not just for kids! We’ve stocked up on some great adult beach fun so you can enjoy long days out in the sun with some friendly rivalry. After all, the beach is about more than the sand and surf. These games are a perfect way to make some great memories.

Get ready for an extra dose of entertainment this summer with our great range of beach games!

What are some beach games to play?

The options can range from games that require major skill to those that are more chill and laid-back. Whether it’s a paddle set or some beach volleyball, an important thing to remember is portability. You’ll want to opt for games that can easily be packed and carried.

So, what are the best beach games? We’ve written a quick guide for some go-to games to have in your pack pocket next time you’re heading out to the oceanside.

How to Play Jazzminton?

You can get as creative as you want when it comes to the frisbee. One of the go-to’s for some beach fun, you can play on the sand or in the water. Have someone throw it to another in the water to lunge for - it’s great fun!

How to Play Frisbee Golf?

  • Set up targets using items you brought to the beach
  • Take turns throwing your frisbee as close to the target
  • The person that gets closest to the target wins
  • Make each round harder but putting the item further
  • Get creative as you want with your rounds
  • Time to win!
  • What are some laid back beach games?

    We don’t think there’s anything more simple but fun than to just throw around a ball. Float around in the water and take turns passing the ball. Trust us, sounds very boring but can get pretty fun when you’re with a larger group.

    What are beach games that don’t need equipment?

    One of our favourites if you’re travelling with a group is to have two people get on another two’s shoulders to fight it out. First one in the water loses! Another great activity is getting the group to launch another up as high as possible in the water. Super fun!

    Now you’re summer ready! Shop all our great beach game options and grab all your mates this summer. Sun, surf, friends, road trips and a bunch of games. Make a whole load of memories together. We’re dreaming of the warmer season now.

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