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Feel sexy while sweating this season with our fab range of sports bras. For that much-needed support and a cute look, our sports bras are perfect for your next work out.
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It’s time to take your gym outfit to the next level. Up your fitness game and shop Ally Fashion’s range of the best crop tops and sports bras. With different styles to suit everyone, up your outfit game and opt for a matching crop and legging set.

Get ready to look like a gym doll with our activewear range. We design our sports bras to give you maximum comfort. If you’re someone who loves taking those morning runs, then we have a range of padded sports bras to give you that extra dose of comfort.

What Levels of Support are There?

Sports bras can offer different levels of support. The type you opt for will depend on your size and the type of exercise you engage in.

The first level is low support sports bras. They’re great for activities such as walking, yoga or strength training. They usually feature a design where your breasts are held tightly against your chest wall. They’re lighter weight and have narrower bands and straps.

Medium support bras are for activities such as hiking, cycling, dancing or skiing. They often feature wider straps and bands and may sometimes have separate cups for more support.

Lastly, you have your high support sports bras. You’ll need these for running and more high intensity workouts. They feature the highest support with their design and restrict breast movement to the minimum.

What Types of Sports Bras are There?

Firstly you have your encapsulation sports bras. These are the bras that work to support each breast individually and do not include any compression. They’re better off for low impact activities.

Compression sports bras are the usual ones you think of. You easily pull them over your head and do not include any cups built into the design. Their job is to compress your breasts close to the chest wall and restrict movement.

Finally, you have the hybrid of both. Compression and encapsulation sports bras combine both methods to provide support and natural shaping. These are the ultimate pieces of support for the most intense of activities.

How Do I Pick the Right Sports Bra?

  • Measure your rib cage
  • Figure out your band size
  • Figure out your cup size
  • Make sure the band fits snugly around your rib cage
  • Adjust the straps to be secure and comfortable
  • Check the cups (your breasts should fill up most of the material and be completely covered)
  • Why are Sports Bras Important?

    Did you know that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size? It’s very important to have the right support. The unique motion of working out and running causes your breasts to move around more than you think. This puts a huge strain on them. Without the right support, you may experience soreness and lasting damage.

    Shop Sports Bras and Activewear Online

    From plain black and white to animal print and pastels, Ally Fashion has the latest trending styles covered. From pilates to strength training, morning jogs to hiking in the mountains, there’s a super comfy and cute sports bra and activewear waiting right here for you.

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    Get your head in the game this season with Ally’s fit and funky range of sports bras. If you're looking for something comfortable and supportive, while also looking chic and sporty, then Ally’s range is perfect for you.

    For something supportive with a little lift, our range of padded and push up sports bras are what you're looking for. If you prefer, we have sports bras with removable or no padding for those who like a more natural look and feel. Available in all colours and styles, our range is so cute - racer neck, halter neck, and seamless styles, our activewear sports bras will give you the support you need while you're pushing the limits.

    Shop our online range today to find the best sports bra for you.

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