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  1. Bondi Sands
    Bondi Sands Self Tan Mist Dark 250ml
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  2. Bondi Sands
    Bondi Sands Tanning Mitt
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  3. Bondi Sands
    Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk 375ml
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  4. Bondi Sands
    Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express Tan
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One of the all time favourites, our Bondi Sands collection has you covered all year round. Want to feel like you’ve just stepped off Bondi Beach peak summer? Get the golden glow now with their tanning range.

Super easy to apply and moisturising at the same time, Bondi Sands has a range of self tanning lotions that will have you looking all bronzed up in no time. With salon quality formulas that will give you a long-lasting finish, pick your colour and get to applying!

How Do I Apply Self-Tanner?

  • Exfoliate! You don’t want to apply tan on dry or flaky skin. Have a hot shower and grab an exfoliating mitt to get rid of dead skin cells. You can use a body scrub too.
  • Apply a layer of moisturiser all over your body after showering to avoid dryness. This will give a more flawless finish
  • Grab your tanning mitt and your Bondi Sands self tanner. Apply a small amount to your mitt and sweep across your body in long strokes. Work in small sections and make sure it’s all buffed in
  • Opt for self tanning foam if you’re a beginner
  • Now you just have to sit back and relax! Let the tan develop for the specified amount of time on the product instructions
  • Now it’s time to rinse and reveal! Use lukewarm water and be quick. When the water runs clear, pop out and pat dry with a towel
  • To keep your tan for longer, exfoliate every few days and apply an everyday gradual tanner for a top up
  • How Do I Tan With Dry Skin?

  • Have a bath before-hand! Soak in some moisturising oils or other bath products to help hydrate your skin
  • Use a gentle exfoliator, like one of Bondi Sands’ body scrubs or an exfoliating mitt to help remove any dead skin cells
  • Apply a generous amount of moisturiser all over the body and let it fully absorb. We suggest one enriched with Vitamin E
  • Allow moisturisers to soak in for at least an hour before you apply self-tan
  • How Do I Choose the Right Self Tan Shade?

    Firstly, you’re going to want to identify your skin tone. Bondi Sands splits it into four categories.

  • Fair Skin
  • Light Skin
  • Medium or Olive Skin
  • Dark Skin
  • Feel free to choose whichever tan makes you feel the most confident! However, we have recommendations For fair or light skin, opt for gradual tanners like Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk. This is a great option because it’s not too dramatic. If you want self-tanner, then choose the Light/Medium shade.

    For those with medium or olive skin, we suggest going for the Dark shade. We also suggest an oil based formula to bring out a natural radiance.

    For those with dark skin tones, opt for Ultra Dark. If you just want to enhance your natural shade, then go with a shimmer one day tan for a brightening look.

    Where Do I Shop For Bondi Sands?

    For all your tanning needs, look no further than the Bondi Sands collection at Ally. Globally known for its incredible quality, walk out looking like you just stepped off the sands of the iconic Bondi Beach. Hello summer glow!

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