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90's Surf Fashion Trend: The New Vibe In Summer

09.20.22Alyssa Foster

90's Surf Fashion Trend: The New Vibe In Summer

90's Surf Fashion Trend: The New Vibe In Summer

Posted by Jintao Du on

Dominating the ‘90s, Australian surf culture influenced so many aspects of fashion. We’re taking it back to the times when everyone wanted to be THAT boho beach babe (Yes we wanted to be Perri from Blue Water High really bad). That’s right; the times when everyone was wearing Billabong and Roxy, and rushing to get those hibiscus patterned bikinis and shell necklaces. Good news… they’ve all made their comeback and we’re so ready.

Whether it was a ripped band tee, baggy cord pants, bucket hats or crochet anything, the ’90s were riddled with some of the most iconic pieces to date. As you probably know from your Insta feeds already, this aesthetic is taking over again. The surf to shore vibe is all about a laid-back, fun and super cool vibe.

It also brings with it a sense of nostalgia. We’re not sure about you, but this aesthetic reminds us of our own Aussie upbringing and summer memories. It’s a fashion trend that definitely brings a smile to your face.

The great thing about the surf fashion trend is that you can incorporate it into your own all the way down to some of the smallest things. From something as delicate as an anklet or baby braids in your hair to statement tropical prints and low rise pants, you can decide your own take on the movement.

Dubbed ‘surf core’, anything from platform sandals to a crochet handbag can do the trick. Here are our must-have pieces to take on this new trend!

The Skirts

Starting with the skirts! Anything printed with a statement floral or crochet is a big tick when it comes to nailing the surf core trend. It’s all about taking femininity to the max here. If you’re someone that shies away from wearing something bold & beautiful, opt for a mini skirt!


The Tops

Halter necks, crops and cute colours. That’s your criteria next time you’re shopping for surf-inspired tops! They’re perfect to pair with wide-leg linen pants, mini skirts or baggy denim for a chic weekend look. So versatile, these pieces can easily be taken from the beach to bar. 

We also love the skater-inspired look. Baggy tees, graphic prints, denim cut-offs and baseball caps. Chill and so lowkey!

The Pants

Hello, flares and relaxed silhouettes. When it comes to the surf trends, it’s all about being breezy and comfortable. Choose to make a statement in a bright shade like hot pink or blue. If you prefer to keep things tame, then a classic linen pant is just fine. We’re loving floral patterned pieces too for a subtle statement.

The Accessories

We’ve come to the fun part. Accessories are absolutely EVERYTHING when it comes to dressing the part. Most of these you might even have already! As they say, it’s all in the details, and there’s no truer statement that’s applicable to the surf trend. 

Anything beaded, decored with shells, or multicoloured will be your friend. Crochet bags are perfect to take with you next time you’re headed down to the beach, and a cord bucket hat finishes a surf-skate inspired look easily.

The Jewellery

Our favourite part of the trend. The shell necklaces, layered bead necklaces and sweet pearls. You bet we’re also rocking anklets this season. Toe rings, waist chains, you name it, it’s all welcome when it comes to the surf trend.

Go on girl, live your surfer babe dreams!

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