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Eras Tour Outfits (Ally's Version)

02.21.24Alyssa Foster

Eras Tour Outfits (Ally's Version)

Eras Tour Outfits (Ally's Version)

Posted by Leigh Roldan on

Are you ready for it? If you were lucky enough to score tickets to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour, then it's time to get your outfit together, girl! And even if you didn't (it's not too late), you can still enjoy the Eras Tour vibes from the comfort of your own home, or even outside the stadium.

From her country music days in cowboy boots and big curly hair to retro-inspired Midnights and all the sequins and sparkles in between, we have all the best concert outfits inspired by Taylor's iconic albums in our Ready For It collection!

In order of every Taylor Swift era, here's what to wear to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour:


Taylor Swift's Debut

Let's start from the beginning, shall we? Taylor Swift's self-titled debut album captured her high school days and early romances twirling in sundresses, guitar in hand and rocking her staple cowboy boots. Channel her country music debut era in shades of light green, babe blue and white. For fans of Teardrops On My Guitar and Our Song, opt for our range of summer dresses and boho styles. And don't forget your cowgirl hat!


Want to wear your best dress? Taylor Swift's Fearless era was all about gold, sparkly fringe dresses, and the charm of Forever & Always. So, slip into that gold or yellow dress, style your hair in big curls, and scrawl the number 13 on your hand like it's your lucky charm. Take your outfit to the next level with gold accents and a western-style belt. Or be a part of your own Love Story with a romantic corset top, flowing skirt and intricate up-do.

Speak Now

For the romantics among us, Taylor's Speak Now era is pure enchantment. Think purple, butterflies, romantic dresses, and a hint of wonderstruck fantasy. Take it Back To December with baby doll sequin dresses, or turn heads in a flowing purple dress as Swift wore on her album cover art. Add a touch of whimsy with butterfly hair accessories or jewellery - It's all about those small, magical details that make your outfit truly Enchanted!


Feeling 22? Well, fasten your seatbelts because the Red era was red-hot! In the days of I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, it was all about a retro vibe with high-waisted shorts, bowler hats, Mary Jane shoes, and cat eye sunglasses. Choose from a wide range of red dresses or keep it casual in red shorts, a striped tee and sneakers. And top it off by swiping on that classic red lipstick!


Her name is Taylor Swift and she was born in 1989! Taylor's 1989 era brought us light blue skies, paper airplanes, polaroids, and pop perfection. Chase your Wildest Dreams in a blue dress (on a boat), or Shake It Off in a glittery crop top and skater skirt or matching two-piece sets. For an extra dose of fun, fill in the Blank Space with paper airplane-themed accessories like earrings or a cute pendant necklace to make your outfit soar to new heights!


Have revenge on the mind? Then, the Reputation era has your name written all over it! Get a fierce outfit that says, "Look What You Made Me Do" with moody tones like black, dark green and red. Before you hop into that Getaway Car, slip into a new bodysuit in black or red, faux leather boots, and complete the look with dark lipstick. Or for a 'fit that's totally End Game, emphasise the villain arc with snake motifs, a choker and gold jewellery.


Representing the rainbow after the storm, Taylor's Lover era is a complete 180 to her previous aesthetically dark album. This time, it's an explosion of pastel shades, hearts and unicorns! Embrace the eccentric and quirky vibes in a variety of colours like pink, hot pink, soft purple, light yellow and baby blue. Embrace a Cruel Summer in sequins, knee high boots and heart-shaped earrings. Or rock a blazer like Taylor wears in the ME! music video - just pop it over any outfit like a unitard or a nice top and jeans.


Care to journey into Taylor's first alternative indie record, Folklore? A realm where soft shades of grey, white and cream dominate, be inspired by folk songs and the warmth of summer with ethereal floaty maxi dresses and light floral patterns. Don't forget to add a dash of rustic charm, perhaps with a woven belt or a pair of brown leather boots. It may not be happening in august, but if you're feeling chilly, why not throw on a cardigan for extra comfort?


Enter cosy wonderment with the Evermore era, where creamy tones and wintery wonder prevail. This sister album to Folklore embodies cottagecore and woodsy vibes - Think warmer hues like yellow, copper, beige and earthy browns. Just imagine yourself under a willow in flowy floral frocks, knit dresses and check print. Or ponder your champagne problems in a long coat with a delicate flower crown or a braid in your hair for that fairytale charm.


Fall into a Lavender Haze with her latest album, Midnights, where the starry sky meets retro glam. Marked by shades of midnight blue, starry accents, velvet and 70s-inspired style, it's all about that hint of cosmic wonder. Whether you opt for orange shorts as Swift wears in the Anti-Hero music video or become Bejeweled in sparkly sequins and metallic looks, don't forget that celestial touch with star-shaped accessories and twinkling jewellery.

When You Can't Choose

Can't decide? Or just love them all? After all, there are so many (iconic) albums, how can you choose a favourite? When in doubt, opt for sequins, sparkles and cowboy boots! If you prefer a more casual take, try a fun graphic t shirt and a denim skirt or denim shorts (no its becky vibes, anyone?). Or if you're feeling brave, you can always try to recreate Taylor Swift's eras tour outfits and bedazzle your own bodysuits!

So there you have it, Swifties! Your guide to rocking Taylor Swift album-inspired outfits for the Eras World Tour. Whether you choose to twirl in turquoise, shimmer in gold, or embrace the dark side in black, our Ready For It collection has you covered. Shop the hottest looks online and in-store at Ally Fashion today!