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How To Style Sequins

12.23.22Alyssa Foster

How To Style Sequins

How To Style Sequins

Posted by Loren Desbruslais on


Girls, it’s time to turn up the dial on your style - we have sequin looks ready to turn heads this party season and beyond!

They don’t use the phrase 'all that glitters is gold' for no reason. So, get ready to shimmer all year long as we show you how to style sequins!

How To Style A Sequin Skirt

Nothing says party quite like a fun mini skirt! For a show-stopping look, style it with a crop top in a contrasting texture. Our suggestion? A metallic corset top and knee-high boots!Sequin Skirt


How To Style A Sequin Dress

There are many ways to style a sequin dress, and the best way to do so will depend on the style and the occasion for which you are wearing it. Here are a few ideas for what to style with a sequin dress:

  1. You don’t need a lot of styling to create a show-stopping look. Keep your makeup natural, your hair simple and your accessories refined!
  2. Go for a pair of heels in the same colour or choose a neutral shoe.
  3. For outerwear, you’ll want to offset the dress with a different texture. A leather or suede jacket is the perfect choice!
  4. If you’re wearing a white sequin dress, add some coloured accessories to elevate the look!
  5. For a glam look, pair a sequin mini dress with glitzy heels and a simple necklace.

Sequin Dress


What To Wear With Sequin Pants

Sequin pants, when styled right, can look amazing! Go for a head-to-toe sequin outfit by pairing your pants with a sequin crop top in the same colour. Alternatively, add some variety to your 'fit by playing around with different textures. For example, you could wear black sequin pants with a satin bolero top.

Sequin Pants

What To Wear With A Sequin Top

 Like with a sequin dress, the key to styling a sequin top is to balance the sparkle with more understated pieces. Here are a few ideas for what to wear with a sequin top:

  1. Pair it with jeans or trousers for a dressed-down look. 
  2. Wear it with a skirt: A pencil skirt or a slip skirt will add an elegant touch when paired with a sequin top.
  3. Layer it with a blazer: This will help balance out the sparkle and add a sophisticated element.

    When Should You Wear Sequins?

    Sequins are typically spotted on New Year’s Eve - it is, after all, a holiday that deserves a lot of sparkles! Sequin outfits are so stunning, they shouldn’t only be reserved for the holiday season. Give them the year-round love they deserve. From birthdays to date nights and parties, these special occasions deserve some sparkle too!

    Sequin Dress

    Are Sequins In Style?

    Of course! They return year after year to add pizazz to our party-season wardrobes. They are also having their moment at festivals, parties and dinner dates!

    How Do I Look Good In Sequins

    Looking good in sequins is all about balance! Let the piece, whether it be a dress or top, shine through. Here are a few helpful tips to remember when wearing sequins:

    1. Think about the colour palette: Style your sequins with the same colour accessories. For example, a silver sequin dress with silver jewellery and a gold sequin dress with gold shoes.
    2. A black sequin dress is always a yes! Take the LBD to the next level this party season with some sequins. Elevate your look by opting for accessories in bright colours such as pink or green!
    3. Style with simple accessories: Sequins are a statement in themselves so hold off on the bling! A pearl necklace is an elegant accessory for a low-cut or strapless sequin dress.
    4. A sequin jumpsuit is a perfect option for when you want all the class of a dress with the added security of pants.
    5. To ensure a flattering look, go for a simple cut and make sure you find the perfect fit!

    Sequin Jumpsuit

    How To Wear A Sequin Dress Casually

    Make sequins a part of your everyday fashion. If you're looking to transform that sequin cocktail dress to a more 'relaxed' look for an evening happy hour, add a jacket into the mix. A denim or leather jacket will add a cool edge to your look. Another way to wear sequins casually is to swap the glittery shoes out for some strappy sandals or boots! For example, style a sequin mini dress with combat boots for your next festival!


    How To Dress Down A Sequin Dress

    Want to sparkle without all the attention? Try a black sequin dress. Although there are lots of sparkles, black sequins are much more subtle than those more elaborate colors and designs. With the right accessories, including a stylish clutch and a gold pair of earrings, you can create a sleek and chic look.

    Black Sequin Mini Dress

    Check out our sequin range online or visit an Ally store across Australia to find the perfect sequin dress!