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How To Wear Bright Colours in Autumn

09.20.22Alyssa Foster

How To Wear Bright Colours in Autumn

How To Wear Bright Colours in Autumn

Posted by Jintao Du on

The weather may be cooling down, but our autumn style is about to heat up. Usually at this time of the year we pack up our vibrant summer clothes in favour of all things neutral. However, as the years go on, we're seeing more colours take the stage in the everyday autumn outfit - think warm knits, cool sweats and cosy outerwear.

Although we are pros when it comes to tonal looks, we could use some guidance on how to make colour work with the rest of our autumn wardrobe. Adding colour to autumn outfits is an easy way to complement skin tones, whilst standing out and personalising your looks. There are three types of autumn colour dressing: dark autumn, warm autumn and soft autumn. From warm greens to golden browns & golden yellows, we'll take you through the colours we think complement and go hand-in-hand with autumn dressing.

Ways To Wear Colours

For those living in the safety of grey sweatpants and neutral knits, it can be daunting to introduce a colour palette into your wardrobe. Not to worry, we've put together a few tips to help you create an on-trend 'fit and breathe new life into your true autumn palette.

  • Elevate Your Basics - Reach for classic silhouettes and timeless designs in rich hues. Think burnt orange, golden brown and orangey reds. Perfect for seamless layering, a warm toned tank top acts as the perfect introduction to colours.

  • Play Around With Tones - A trendy and effortless way to wear colour is by playing around with different tones and undertones. When we hear autumn, we think dark, warm and muted - a medium level contrast. By playing around with tones, you can mix colours and see what works well for you. Try this pairing for example: a dark golden brown trench coat paired with an olive green tank top.

  • Embrace Monochromatic Looks - Bold, we know. Monochrome looks don’t have to be scary at all, we think it's quite quiet when done correctly. Not only does it make the most of multiple shades, you can do so while looking incredibly stylish. Firstly, choose your colour of the day, yellow for example. Play around with golden undertones to get your perfect match - the key is to find the correct pairing, a golden blonde works great with caramel.

  • Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise - Bright accessories are a good option for those who want to ease into wearing colours. Not only do they speak for themselves but they add a chic layer of character to an outfit. A cute little pink handbag for example, easily adds contrast to your outfit. Pair with gold jewellery for the ultimate it-girl look.

How To Style Each Colour

Okay, now that you’ve been introduced to four stellar tips to get you started, we’re going to dig a little deeper. We've gathered the six most-worn colours throughout the seasons - summer, spring, winter AND autumn. Discover what colours work well together, what looks you could recreate and most importantly how to wear colour in a new season.

Bold In Blue

The fashion-forward, bold colour that never gets old. Often presented in plenty of shades, blue is a timeless colour, bound to never go out of style. Versatile and incredibly flattering, blue can be worn in the form of denim, a cute top or chic outerwear- reminiscent of beautiful skies, this colour is refreshing to wear in the autumn season. Pair your favourite denim with a white tee for the perfect trans-seasonal look, alternatively style a baby blue dress with a muted brown trench for an eye-catching cohesive contrast!

Gorgeous In Green

No more waiting around until Christmas to pull out your favourite dress! Rich in tone and playful in style, this colour could easily be seen as a bright season favourite - don’t let this discourage you however, it's definitely a tone that could be worn all year round. During the autumn season, this tone is usually presented in soft and earthy shades like olive and spinach green. Style a cosy green knit with your go-to autumn boots, alternatively look to accessorising for the perfect balance.

Regal In Red

Well known for all its beautiful nature, red is situated somewhere in the warm autumn palette, it evokes warmth in the best way possible. It can also be worn in a muted tone, like medium dark and reddish-brown. You can start slow by playing with patterns - maybe a feminine floral dress with red roses running through. Alternatively, a red knit looks great with denim - the perfect pop of colour for grey weather.

Playful In Purple

Striking in tone, we believe purple works all year round. Perfect for both the warmer and colder seasons - it acts as a cool accent in any outfit. Often associated with dramatic looks, purple looks great when paired with neutral tones. As the season falls, you could look at pairing a cute purple knit with your favourite pair of denim and a beige trench coat. If denim isn't your thing purple also looks great with black, perhaps with your favourite wide leg pants for a more toned down look.

Opulent In Orange

When we think of orange, we often think of spring and summer. Situated on the warmest end of the colour palette, this beautiful hue makes a statement no matter the presentation and season - it's a stunning tone and we want you to feel confident and beautiful wearing it. Pair a chunky knit (or sweater) with your favourite jeans. For an ultra-cool look, you could try pairing a long sleeve with some blue cargos (or even khaki works great!).

Pretty In Pink

The queen of all colours, pink is an all-round season favourite. Great for events and everyday wear, pink is a universal yet bold tone. Just like yellow, it can be toned down with colours from the neutral palette. Try styling a pink midi skirt with a white knit for a beautifully soft autumn look. Pink sweaters and knits also look great with denim, if pink clothes just aren’t your thing, look to accessories. A pink handbag or shoes could just be exactly what an outfit needs!

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