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01.09.23Alyssa Foster

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Posted by Leigh Roldan on

Ready for new beginnings? Start the new year on the right foot by getting healthy and active! And what better way to do it than to update your workout wardrobe with the extensive collection of women's activewear at Ally. Not only reserved for workout sessions, a matching seamless set is great for your everyday wardrobe too - And comfortable to boot! Shop a huge range of colours and styles from activewear sets, leggings and tights to bike shorts, sports bras, workout tops and tanks.

With fitness on the brain this season, soon everyone will be sporting athleisure everywhere they go. If one of your new year's resolutions is to be more active, or if you just plan on living in activewear (we won't judge), then look no further! We've put together a guide on how to style the latest athleisure:

Layer Up

If it's a little chilly out, this is the perfect opportunity to add layers to your active outfit. Start with a classic matching activewear set as the base, then add any jacket of your choosing, depending on the look you're trying to achieve. For zoom meetings or days in the office, pop on a blazer or coat to elevate the 'fit or go laid-back with a cropped, bomber or denim jacket.

Keep It Casual

Grabbing a coffee or meeting up with a friend for brunch? Throw on an oversized button up shirt or sweatshirt on top of your activewear to exude ultimate laid-back vibes. With athleisure now socially accepted outside of the gym, we can embrace comfort while looking like we're on the go!

Chic & Coordinated

You can never go wrong with a matching 'fit! Perfect for looking put-together without much effort at all, just reach for coordinating active tops and leggings and go about your day. Or opt for the latest one-piece suits or active playsuits for a chic all-in-one outfit.


Sneaker Game

You can't forget the most important element to your active outfit: sneakers! From runners and tennis shoes to high tops and sneakers, create a wide range of looks just from your choice of footwear. Lean into the sporty look with your usual trainers for exercising, then rock a cool girl look on days out with trendy styles like chunky sneakers or dad shoes.


Finishing Touches

Add chic accessories to complete your looks. Pair with practical pieces like cross body bags, totes, sunglasses or dad hats and baseball caps. Or style with dainty jewellery, high socks and trendy retro sunnies to take your outfits to the next level while out and about.

What’s The Difference Between Sportswear and Activewear?

While it may seem that the terms are interchangeable, there is a slight difference. "Sportswear" includes clothing designed for specific sports, such as cycling shorts, wetsuits and leotards. While "activewear" is a more broad term for attire used in general exercise and casual wear, like leggings, tights and tank tops.

What Is The Best Clothing For Exercise?

For working out, perform at your best in women's activewear specifically designed for physical exercise. This means ditching your staple jeans or any baggy clothes that may get caught in equipment. Instead, stick with pieces like gym leggings, sports tights, crop tops and activewear shorts - Great for activities like jogging, weight lifting and spin class.

What Not To Wear To The Gym

  • 100% Cotton Clothing - Cotton absorbs all liquids, including sweat, and is slow to dry. The more wet a garment, the more likely it is for bacteria to grow. So, it's best to focus on acquiring moisture wicking or quick-drying synthetic fabrics.
  • Regular Bras - Who doesn't love to feel supported? The same goes for your breasts, when it comes to working out. It's important to always wear a sports bra and have sufficient support to prevent shoulder and back pain, as well as decrease chances for future sagging.
  • Jewellery - While we love our blingy accessorises outside of the gym, jewellery can get in the way and ultimately be a hazard. Necklaces can get tangled in hair or ellipticals and rings can affect grip and blood circulation. If anything, opt for dainty or small trinkets like stud earrings.
  • Beauty Products - Avoid wearing products like heavy makeup, perfume and lotions to the gym. Makeup can clog pores and lead to other skin problems, and while you may be self-conscious about body odour, it's best to switch out perfume with deodorant. Lotions can cause slippage or loss of grip, which is also dangerous for other users of weights and equipment.

Now that you're ready to reach your goals, pack your gym clothes and get moving! Whether you're looking to get into shape or run day-to-day errands, you can feel extra inspired and motivated in the range of women's activewear at Ally Fashion Australia, no matter where you're headed - Shop our latest collection online and in store today!