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The Holiday Checklist

09.20.22Alyssa Foster

The Holiday Checklist

The Holiday Checklist

Posted by Jintao Du on

Whether you’ve jumped at the chance to travel internationally or you’ve planned an Aussie getaway with your girlfriends, we have you covered when it comes to what to take. Welcome to the holiday packing list that every fashion-forward girl should tick off before jetting off!

Now, we know it may sound tiresome, but is there anything worse than leaving packing right to the night before? (we know you’re planning on it) Opt to avoid the stress of last-minute packing and think ahead. If you’re heading to a tropical holiday abroad or even sunny Byron, here’s a handy beach checklist you can print out and have on hand to guide you.

What Clothes Should I Pack For My Holiday?

When it comes to packing, you don’t want to go overboard. We know it can be really hard to not just throw your whole wardrobe into one small suitcase, but if you plan out your outfits beforehand and line them up with your itinerary, things get a whole lot easier.

If you don’t have any set plans for your holiday, then you want to stick to some basics. Versatility is key, so a smart idea is to pick out some neutral pieces that you can mix and match to create new outfits. Here are some of our picks.

Linen Pieces

There’s nothing that screams summer more than linen. Breathable, lightweight and fresh, opting for linen pieces such as button-ups, shorts and skirts are a great choice for a summer holiday. They’re a must-have on your holiday packing list. Whether you pop on a long sleeve button up over your bikini down on the beach or rock a crop and skirt set for sunset drinks, you’ll look so elegant.

Maxi Dresses

Another easy option to pack is a maxi dress. It takes all the thinking out when it comes to waking up in the morning and making it in time for the free breakfast buffet. Floor-sweeping and elegant, a maxi dress is super comfortable and breezy to wear as well. Just pop on some block heels if you’re heading out for dinner, or opt for slides if you’re just out for the day. Here are some of our favourites for the season.


An all-time classic, the LBD has to come with you anywhere you go. Whether it’s going out to a fancy dinner or partying it up in the nightclubs, you really can’t go wrong with a mini black number. All you need are some black strappy heels and a clutch to go along with it and ta-da, totally luxe!


The foundations of all your outfits. You can’t be travelling anywhere without your basics! We’re talking your simple tee’s, denim shorts, camis and trousers. The great thing about having neutral pieces in these cuts means you can mix and match to suit any occasion. Pair a satin cami with a leather skirt if you’re going for drinks, or pair it with denim shorts for the day. It’s all about versatility!

How Should I Style My Hair?

Silk Scarves

There’s nothing sweeter than a satin scarf in your hair. Whether you pop your hair up in a high pony and let it flow down with some curls or pop it on like a bandana, there are so many ways you can play around with different looks. You can even pop them on as a top!

Beach Waves

If you’re heading beachside then you're totally going to need some wavy hair! You may be blessed with luscious curls, but for some of us, we’re not so lucky. In our case, we usually wake up looking a little like Hagrid. If you’re the same, then opt for a mist or hair waver like these!

Now you're all sorted for the summer. Don't worry, thank us later.