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The Ultimate Teddy Jacket Guide

09.20.22Alyssa Foster

The Ultimate Teddy Jacket Guide

The Ultimate Teddy Jacket Guide

Posted by Jintao Du on

What is a Teddy Jacket?

This season is all about cosy comforts and soft textures, so why not combine both and shop the teddy coat? Perfect for the cooler months, a teddy coat is substantially warm, functional and, above all, super soft and fluffy! Taking its name after their resemblance to a teddy bear’s fur coat, teddy jackets are usually made from faux fur to create a plush and fuzzy-looking jacket.

Teddy coats bring the appeal of traditional outerwear like leather jackets or trench coats, but they’re relaxed and cosy! They’re also really versatile - teddy material is typically common for winter loungewear, however you can also get a teddy coat in other jacket styles, such as an aviator jacket or structured coat style. Whether it be an oversized teddy coat, regular fit or cropped, or in a neutral colour like, grey, brown and tan, this piece is a great addition to your winter closet.

How to Wear and Style a Teddy Jacket

Need some outfit ideas for your teddy coat? Look no further! From cropped to print, teddy coats exude chic street style and there's no wrong way to wear them! Here are some outfit ideas:

  • Build upon the existing style and pair a light-coloured teddy coat with darker coloured pieces, like black jeans or a chocolate-toned sweater to draw attention to the super cosy material.
  • Or take it a step further and dress in a monochrome style with an all black outfit, to really make the fluffy fabric pop!
  • Have a bright-coloured or printed teddy coat? Make sure it’s the star of the show by styling it with a toned-down outfit, like a black top, medium wash jeans and black shoes or sneakers.
  • Play around with textures in your outfits and experiment with different bottoms, like ripped jeans, leggings, suede pants or even leather pants.
  • Extra cold in winter? Wear a knitted sweater underneath, then add more neutral coloured layers to your stylish outfit, by throwing on a grey scarf or brown beanie.
  • Go for ultimate transeasonal style by wearing it with a dress or maxi skirt and topping off the look with brown leather boots.
  • Lean into the comfort aspect and pair it with fuzzy bottoms or sweatpants, for an easy relaxed outfit around the house.
  • Prefer to stay timeless and laid-back? Try wearing it with a crop top, high-waisted jeans and sneakers.

How to Wash a Teddy Jacket 

Now that you have a teddy coat, how do you care for it? The fleecy material can be delicate and you want to avoid getting it matted, so here are some tips on how to wash teddy coats:

Hand Wash

Usually, hand-washing is the best choice when it comes to any faux-fur or intricate material.

1. Simply fill a sink or washbasin with cool water.

2. Add some mild detergent or wool specific shampoo.

3. Then, submerge your teddy coat.

4. Gently agitate the water to evenly distribute the soap or detergent.

5. Soak the jacket and wait up to 30 minutes.

6. Then rinse well under cold water until the water runs clear.

7. When drying, press out the water and make sure not to wring the jacket.

8. Hang to dry.

Washing Machine

1. Place your teddy coat in a protective laundry mesh bag.

2. Put it in the washing machine with mild detergent or wool specific shampoo.

3. Use the Gentle setting, with a low spin cycle and cold water.

4. Hang to dry.

Make sure not to tumble dry your teddy coat, as the heat can burn or melt the delicate fabric.

How to Make Your Teddy Bear Jacket Fluffy Again

After a while, the plushness of the fabric might get worn. To bring your teddy coat back to life, just add half a cup of bi-carb soda and half a cup of white vinegar with mild detergent to your washing machine, and wash on a warm gentle cycle - then voila, good as new!

Be wrapped in a bear-like hug this winter and add a warm teddy coat to your closet! Follow our tips and advice, and you’ll be picture-ready in no time.

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