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Transeasonal Dressing: How To Wear Skirts from Summer to Winter

09.20.22Alyssa Foster

Transeasonal Dressing: How To Wear Skirts from Summer to Winter

Transeasonal Dressing: How To Wear Skirts from Summer to Winter

Posted by Jintao Du on

A maxi skirt is a staple in any woman's wardrobe. They come in a wide range of colours, lengths, styles and can be worn to a number of occasions from work to weekends and formal events.

So easy and versatile, these breezy pieces aren't just for sun-drenched summer days. They can be worn year-round and dressed up with accessories, jewellery and high heels!

It can be hard to figure out what to wear with a maxi skirt at times. Maybe you think it's too cold in winter to wear one. We are here to help you style your maxi skirt for all seasons.

What Kind of Tops Go With Maxi Skirts?

Not sure how to style your summer maxi skirt? It’s important to note the best tops to wear with maxi skirts are ones that have a simple silhouette and not too much detail. Here are a few of our favourite options:

  • Tank Top: Simple and flattering, wear it in the summer or pop a jacket over the top when the weather gets cooler
  • Cami Top: Similar to a tank, the cami top will add a feminine touch to your ensemble
  • Graphic Tee: Wear it with a knot in the front and layer it with a denim jacket for a chic look for fall
  • Sweater: A sweater, maxi skirt and boots, say no more. This chic winter ensemble is perfect for your weekend plans
  • Crop Top: The perfect match for a high-waisted skirt!
  • Off The Shoulder: This top will add femininity to your summer look

What Shoes Do I Wear With Maxi Skirts?

Figuring out what shoes to wear with a maxi skirt can be challenging! Are you going for a casual summer look, or do you want your outfit to look office ready? It all depends on the season and occasion. You can’t go wrong with these 4 styles:

  1. Heels- Perfect for summer, a pair of heels is an easy way to dress up your look. They are a great option  if you need to add some height to your outfit
  2. Sandals- Perfect for the summer and spring season, sandals will give your ensemble a laid-back vibe
  3. Sneakers- A casual solution for both summer and winter, a pair of crisp sneakers are great for an everyday look
  4. Boots- Shifting towards a winter look, boots are perfect for adding some height to your outfit and can either be casual or dressed up. They give a high-fashion final look to your outfit!

How To Style a Maxi Skirt In the Winter

The number one focus when dressing for winter is keeping warm, so your summer staples are probably far from your mind. But don’t ditch the maxi skirt just yet… we will tell you how to style this piece for the cooler months:

  • Layer up your clothing- Pop on a blazer, turtleneck sweater or trench coat!
  • Wear warm footwear- A cool maxi skirt with a high slit will pair perfectly with knee-high boots!
  • Accessorise! Pop on a scarf, gloves or beanie

Gingham Skirt

Popular in spring and summer for its sweet, feminine nature, the gingham print isn’t going anywhere just yet! Its busy print makes it an easy piece to style. You’ll want to balance out the look with a neutral top and shoes and add some chic accessories to finish.

Summer- You can’t go wrong with a basic black crop, slip-on sandals and sunnies! You’ll look so chic when out and about at your next brunch or casual stroll in the park.

Winter- Opt for a preppy tucked-in shirt with heeled boots. Pop a jacket on top if it’s extra chilly out!

Floral Skirt

Flowers may not bloom all year round but you will in this stunning skirt! A classic option for summer, a floral skirt can be worn in winter too. Our floral maxi skirts feature an elegant silhouette that can be dressed up or down and worn all year round.

Summer- We’re thinking rooftop cocktails, Sunday sessions and boozy brunches with a floral skirt, halter crop and strappy heel ensemble.

Winter- Go for a classic sneaker and maxi skirt combo that looks super comfortable and warm. Throw on a tote bag for your next casual day out!

Pencil Skirt

So chic and elegant, the pencil maxi skirt is perfect for dinners, social events and evening drinks. So versatile, you can take this sleek number from summer to winter with a few staple pieces.

Summer- We’ve kept this look simple and chic with a halter crop, heels and gold statement earrings. It may not be an everyday look but we think it’s perfect for a special occasion and it’s sure to turn heads.

Winter- This is the ultimate chic winter look. Pop on a pair of knee-high boots, a fitted top and a statement jacket.

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