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Relax and rejuvenate with our luxurious bath products. From bath salts and bath bombs to sponges, you'll love our fabulous range.

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Bath Products

Ready for a luxurious pamper day at home? Don't stress! We've got you covered with a large collection of bath products for women. From bath salts and essential oils to candles and bath mats, we've got everything to turn your regular tub time into a full-blown spa extravaganza.

Ever wanted to feel like you're bathing in a cloud of cotton candy without the sticky or bubbly aftermath? Our bath salts and soaks are just what you need. Drop a pinch (or a handful, we're not judging) of bath salts into your warm water, and it's like your bathtub got an instant glow-up.

Creating the perfect ambience for your relaxing bath is super important - because mood lighting isn’t just for romantic dinners. From floral to vanilla scents, indulge in our range of candles in cute shapes, modern designs and every colour your heart desires.

Don't forget to introduce comfort to your bathroom! Why stand on cold, hard tiles when you can sink your toes into a bath mat that feels like a cloud under your feet? Top off your bath time with our bath sponges, ideal for turning any soap or body wash into a frothy masterpiece.

Whether you light a scented candle or enjoy a hot bath after a long day, relax and unwind with our selection of bath products. Or why not gift them to your loved one? Or check out our beauty products, make-up tools and nail accessories for an extra touch of pampering! Shop Ally Fashion Australia today.

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