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Not sure exactly what to get someone but you know you want to shop ally's fabulous styles? Get an in-store gift card. Perfect for shopping all our fab styles for every occasion.
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A gift you know they’ll love, because they can buy whatever from wherever, whenever they want. If it’s hurting your brain thinking about what they might like, choose the safe option. Ally Fashion is your one destination for the latest styles born from global trends. You know they’re going to love getting some cash loaded up on a card for one of their favourite stores! From clothing, accessories, shoes, lingerie, homewares, beauty and more, they have endless options here at Ally Fashion. You can’t go wrong.

How Do I Purchase An E-Gift Card

Why re-gift when you can e-gift? The process is so simple. Let us take you through it.

  • Select the ‘E-Gift Card’ product
  • You have the option of choosing from AUD$25.00 to AUD$1,000
  • Type in your name and email in the ‘Sender’ fields
  • Type in the person’s name and email you’re sending the gift card to in the ‘Recipient’ Fields
  • Feel free to write an optional message
  • Add it to your bag and check out as usual!
  • Easy right? Please note that E-Gift cards can only be used online on the Ally Fashion website

    Are gift cards a good gift?

    Let’s look at the pros and cons. Although gift cards get a bad rep, they’re not that bad! We think they’re the perfect gift for those friends and family members you don’t know as well. Or perhaps you forgot their birthday until you got the Facebook notification… Either way, here’s the plus side of gift cards.

  • People can choose what they want to buy
  • It’s as easy as sending them an email, you can opt for e-gift card options now
  • E-gift cards at Ally are valid for one year so there’s always time to wait for the next big trend to hit
  • They have a diverse range of options on Ally Fashion, from clothing to accessories to homewares
  • Hint: they get more bang for their buck when we have our sales on!
  • Why Gift Cards are a Great Gift Option For You

    Elevating your wardrobe or refreshing your looks can be as simple as introducing more jewellery to your ensemble. Firstly, have a look at what’s already in your closet, and then consider what’s trending. If you have a stack of chains, then opt for layering! Another trend making its rounds is stacking on your rings. Sure, the couple simple bands around your fingers are gorgeous, but amp up your style by layering different sizes and wearing them across multiple fingers. It’s never too much, trust us!

  • You can easily stay on budget
  • There is still an element of thoughtfulness
  • They’re super easy to present, whether it’s in a birthday card or digitally via email
  • You can add a personal touch with a note and pick a special place to get the card from
  • If you’re a last minute shopper, it’s the perfect choice
  • Gift cards are just like any other gift you receive. Instead of giving someone a bit of cash, you can show you put a little thought by picking their favourite store to buy from (Psst… we know it’s Ally). So try and purchase them a gift card you know they will actually appreciate and use! So there you have it. We’ve convinced you to buy a gift card for your loved one now right? Head over to our gift card selection and choose which one best suits you! You can opt for an e-gift card and send it through to them via email, or you can head into any one of our stores and pick one up to pop into their card. Choice is yours.

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    When it’s time to give the perfect present to those who you love, what gift beats a gift card? Our gift cards are valid for three years, so shop today so your loved ones can get their fav looks.

    Here at Ally, we think that gift cards are the best way to give that perfect something to those you love. Your love ones can search through our gorgeous line of dresses, tops, shorts, skirts, swimmers, and accessories to find their fav looks. Or they can visit our new collection of homewares and dress up their space however they want. Instead of making that difficult decision of what to buy for your loved ones, leave the decision in their hands with their very own Ally gift card.

    Give the gift of an Ally gift card today and leave the decisions to someone else.

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